Sorors are you ready to begin your journey?

We are always happyy to assist Sorors to come back home, whether it's reactivation during reclamation or throughout the year.  We also are happy to assist transfer Sorors as well.  

Reclamation:  Sorors you can become active again during the Reclamation period is during Finer Womanhood month or at any other time during the year.  If you have been inactive for 2 years we will be glad to help you come home.  You will need your membership card or membership number.  You will also need a copy of your collegiate degree and our chapter fees.   We look forward to welcoming you home. 

Transfers:  Sorors if you are moving into our area we look forward to meeting you.  Any Soror can transfer her membership from another chapter to Tau Kappa Zeta.  You must have a signed transfer card or your collegiate degree and our chapter fees. 

Please contact our Reclamation Coordinator April Thompson-Ocana today at or